The last few months have been pretty crazy.

August I visited my family and had the worst flight experience of my life. Between being on the smallest plane ever and sitting next to a woman and her baby that kept kicking me and the horrible motion sickness. Yeah I’m almost ready to never fly again except I will next year of course to see my family in Texas again. It was a good visit my sister turned 21, we went shopping, I spent time with my dad and a little with my mom and grandma. There wasn’t nearly enough time in that week for me to spend all the time I wanted with my family and to go to all my old favorite places.

September I was promoted at work. Which has been interesting I feel like I’ve taken the whole thing by storm really I’ve been ready to be a supervisor for a long while. The large amount of time it takes has been kind of eh but I saw that coming. I don’t have as much time to write, but I have more money. Which is nice I just need to do better with my time management.

October we went to ethnic expo. I had alligator for the first time it tasted a lot like chicken just more tender and delicious. I also had a schnitzel which was pretty good. It was also our anniversary/Halloween we didn’t do anything terribly big this year. We had a special salmon dinner and watched Hocus Pocus. I also became extremely pissed off because Halloween City’s idea of a large is not even close to a large. I’m never buying a costume there again.

This month has been a bit more calm. I’ve been playing the Dragon Age games for the first time and working. We’re going out tonight to eat at my favorite buffet place.