Ion Color Brilliance Brights Review

Recently one of my friends gave me a couple of bottles of Ion Color Brillance¬†hair dye. One in a very pretty pastel blue and the other in a lavender. I’ve been wanting to attempt pastel hair for a while, so I was pretty¬†excited.

The texture of the hairdye was very different from what I was used to and even with my small amount of hair it was a bit of a struggle getting it to cover my whole head. The blue turned out terribly despite bleaching my hair and following the instructions perfectly it was blotchy and more green then blue in every place other than my my bangs which were more of a vibrant blue than pastel shade for some reason. I think it would of been fine for streaks of color but it simply did not want to stick to most of my hair.
Where it did manage to stick it didn’t fade or change at all despite my washing my hair every other day and lots of time spent in the sun, so in that regard I found it much better than other colorful dyes I’ve used (Manic Panic and Splat!).

Never one to be easily discouraged I tried the lavender hairdye a few days ago. I didn’t bleach my hair this time around. It did dye most of my hair and it was all the same light purple and much nicer looking with the exception of a couple of places on the very back and right side of my head where I think I actually missed spots rather than it didn’t take to my hair.

I ended up going over it in Manic Panic’s ultra violet in places I missed and places I wanted slightly darker purple highlights.

What I liked: The colors where they were present were very very pretty. I just wish the blue had turned out better. It was also much more long lasting than most bright colors. I’ll probably buy a couple of bottles of the lavender and give it one more try.

Things I would of done differently: I would of listened to Ashley’s advice the first time I dyed my hair and added conditioner to the mix before applying. I think it would of made the hair dye go much further than it did.