Outdoor Activities for babies

We’ve had a surprisingly beautiful summer this year. There have only been a few extremely hot days and until this week very little rain. Which for Indiana is pretty amazing considering in Texas where I’m from originally there’s been tons of rain and flooding.

I’ve made a point to go outside with Beatrice every morning assuming we have time that day and it’s made a huge difference in her. She naps so much better and eats better as well I’ve also noticed she cries much less on days we go outside vs. days we have to stay in. These are a few of the things we’ve done.

1) The easiest and most obvious go on a stroll. Sometimes with a set destination and sometimes just where ever we end up. It’s good exercise for mama and fresh air for baby.

2) Go to the park. Your baby can’t really use any of the playground equipment on their own just yet, but you can always hold them while you swing, go down some slides, or one of Beatrice’s personal favourites ride on one of those cute little springy rides that rock back and forth. Once your baby learns to crawl or can stand with assistance they’ll have a blast on the playground structure especially if it includes a bouncy bridge or blocks to spin.


3) Let them help you pull weeds or play in the dirt. It’s good for their immune system. Beatrice loves to help me pull up the weeds. Though you will want to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t eat anything. Also to ensure they don’t pull up too many of your plants. (RIP our green onions)


4) Get messy with some edible paint. This is the first outdoor activity we did and Beatrice wasn’t super crazy about, but I’ve heard lots of babies love this particular activity and it’s outside so it’s easy to clean up.


5) If your baby can sit up well in the bath you can invest in a baby pool. I got this one from amazon for five bucks. I just put one bucket full of water in it as well as a few plastic toys and Beatrice goes nuts. She loves to splash around and catch the water in her hands as I pour it out of the bucket. This is also a good time to give your baby a frozen treat on especially hot days because you can clean them off in the pool before you go inside.


6) Bubbles. Beatrice loves to watch me blow bubbles and attempt to catch them especially now that she can crawl.

Those are some of our favourite activities. This week it’s suppose to rain all week so with any luck I’ll have another list of ways to occupy an older baby indoors.